Well Pump Repair and Installation

Whether you've just started well construction or are looking to get more efficiency out of your existing water well, Chesapeake Plumbing, Inc. can help. We've learned a lot about water wells from the years of experience in Maryland well pump installation and repair.

A well pump is a handy piece of equipment, and besides delivering well water to your home, it has many residential and commercial uses, such as:

There are many different options on the market when it comes to well pumps, which often makes it difficult to make a choice. However, selecting the right pump for the size, depth, location and use of your well is crucial. A low-power well pump placed in a deep well won't provide enough water to the home's plumbing fixtures. Similarly, an oversized pump won't be energy efficient.

Call us today to get your well pump project going. Our pros at Chesapeake Plumbing, Inc. will guide you through every step from selection and installation to maintenance and repair.

And if you rely on your private well for household water supply, we also recommend conducting water analysis on a yearly basis to make sure your well water is safe to use. We'll test your water for pH, iron and hardness for FREE - just give us a call!