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Sewer Line Backups

rootSpring/Summer Tip
Sewer line backups in the Baltimore, Annapolis area are common this time of year due to summer rainwater entering sewer pipes via cracks. New tree root growth from the spring can also cause sewer backup issues as roots are drawn toward the sewer line as a source of nutrition. Have a Chesapeake Plumbing Inc. inspect your sewer line pipes to let you know if you are susceptible to a sewer line backup problem or if damage has already occurred. Give us a call today 410-437-3888

How to be a Better Homeowner in 2013

pipe leakThe new year is here, and as we look back at what we did in 2012, it’s a good idea to note what we can do differently in 2013.

At Chesapeake Plumbing, we had an eventful year and helped many homeowners with their plumbing issues. Sometimes, such issues stem from the lack of maintenance or plumbing knowledge, which we are more than happy to share with you today. Follow our tips to have fewer plumbing emergencies in the future and be prepared if one happens.

Know your house

This might seem silly, but not everyone knows their own house well enough, especially if they take minimal part in the house maintenance. Ask yourself these questions:

–      Do you know every piece of equipment in your basement and how it turns on/off?

–      Do you know where your main water shut-off valve is?

–      Do you know how to shut off water to a specific pipe?

–      Do you know how to turn power back on if the breaker pops?

–      Do you know every inch of your house and can immediately notice when something is off?

Even if you normally trust other family members with taking care of these things, what if you are home alone? This year, take the time to learn your house: take notes, draw diagrams or label things to make it easier for you. Think about it: shutting off water as soon as you notice a leak can save you a lot of time and money on cleanup and damage repair.

Give your plumbing some TLC during the busy season

Holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year that tends to put a lot of strain on plumbing, household appliances and you. If your plumbing is already old and you expect it to pull twice the normal workload when guests arrive, be sure to give it a thorough cleaning beforehand.

If you decide that you can’t tolerate the slow drains and creepy noises that fill the house every time you use water, call your local Maryland plumbers. They can partially or completely replace your plumbing system, or come up with another solution. It sounds like a lot of hassle, but maybe it’s about time you get rid of those old rusty pipes?

Solve the problem with backup power

When every other thunderstorm leaves you without power for 10 hours, it significantly disrupts your lifestyle. You know what we mean if you live in an older house. The good news is you don’t have to wait in the darkness until the power comes back on. Take matters in your own hands and install a backup power generator. Choose a portable unit or a stand-by one that will automatically kick in once it detects the power outage.

Remember, once the power is out your sump pump also stops working. If this is a concern, choose a stand-by power generator or install a backup sump pump.  Depending on where you live, you can opt either for a battery-powered option or the one that runs off of water pressure.

Be prepared

Unfortunately, none of us is safe from plumbing misfortunes, but it always helps to be prepared. Have a plumber’s number (here’s ours: 410-437-3888) in your phone or pinned to your fridge or cork-board, so that every panic-stricken family member knows where to call in case you need an urgent drain cleaning in Maryland.

Also, don’t skip on maintenance. Water heaters, sump pumps and even pipes are not meant to last forever. Such factors as your location, lifestyle, water chemistry and many others can positively or negatively affect the lifespan of your plumbing equipment. Don’t wait till it breaks: get things checked out and tuned up every once in a while – Chesapeake Plumbing will gladly help you with that!